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We create dynamic environments for customer and employees. TES helps clients improve profitability. Our team responds quickly to changes and challenges. We increase Profitability while reducing energy costs.


All our engineering work offered or performed in North Carolina is performed by Dependable Guidance Consulting Engineering, PLLC.

Engineering plays a crucial role in the functioning of casinos. From designing and building the infrastructure to ensuring the smooth operation of various gaming systems, engineers work behind the scenes to provide a seamless gaming experience for guests. One of the main challenges in casino engineering is ensuring the security and integrity of the gaming systems. Engineers design and implement systems to prevent cheating, fraud, and malfunctions, while also ensuring that the casino games are fair and random. This involves the use of advanced technology such as random number generators, encryption algorithms, and biometric authentication systems. Another important aspect of casino engineering is the design and construction of the physical space. Engineers work with architects and designers to create an attractive and functional environment, taking into account factors such as lighting, air conditioning, and acoustics. They also ensure that the building meets all safety and fire codes and that it is accessible for people with disabilities. In addition to these tasks, engineers in casinos also work on maintenance and repair of the gaming machines, security systems, and other equipment. They also help to develop new gaming technologies, such as virtual reality games and mobile gambling.

National Brands

Companies trust TES to deliver exceptional consulting services through a range of comprehensive services specifically geared toward nationally branded companies.


TES value engineers to save money while creating solutions. Procuring large orders reduces cost and speeds operations. Our engineers can adapt modern systems to existing spaces.


TES Engineering helps industrial clients improve productivity. Our designs meet and exceed EPA and OSHA mandates. We increase profitability while reducing energy costs.


TES Seeks to provide the best value for taxpayers. We get the job done with minimal operation disturbances. Our buildable documents help produce more accurate bids.


From urban skyscrapers to suburban office parks, our engineers help commercial developers create comfortable, flexible and efficient business environments.

Senior Housing & Medical

TES utilizes new and improving technologies. We create aesthetically pleasing and safe environments. Our designers ensure a home-like setting for residents.

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