T/E/S Engineering is a Cleveland-based Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering firm engaging over 50 professionals whose sole focus is to solve client’s problems. We know that engineering is about more than just calculations and numbers. At T/E/S, we engineer strong relationships and value the stories and people that make them exceptional.

We go where you go. A successful business grows where it’s markets are, and T/E/S understands that. We are certified in 49 states, so can go where ever our partnership leads.

T/E/S offers a full range of services including due diligence, forensic and conditions assessment and investigation, all aspects of design, operational troubleshooting, equipment replacement and system renovations, energy audits and peer reviews. All of this puts us in a position to help your business grow.

T/E/S is different from your average engineering firm. Our guiding principles embody the unique T/E/S culture and philosophy. These guidelines are core beliefs that imbue all the work we do with smart thinking, genuine collaboration, highest achievement and technical growth. Together, they ensure we give our client the dependable guidance they expect. It’s about you and the success of your project.

The biggest difference is that we see through our client’s eyes. That means that we look at things from the perspective of efficiency, value, and intelligence. T/E/S works with your processes and goals in a way that truly makes us partners. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions; we create an organic system of services that fits what your project needs. Our dedicated team of more than 50 consultants knows what it takes to get your projects completed on time and on budget. T/E/S recognize the pitfalls and the proven paths, and we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions.

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