Featured Service: Utility Tracking
Featured Service: Utility Tracking

Featured Service: Utility Tracking

Posted by Joe Weagraff on in Services

Because malls and the retail industry are constantly changing, you need a utility solution that keeps up with the successful introduction of new tenants.

It may be tempting, for example, to simply combine previous tenants’ electrical services into a new tenant’s space, but this practice is not always in the landlord’s best interest as many other factors contribute to utility allocations.



1 / Accurate representation of the resources available

2 / Live, constantly changing docume犀利士
nt and solution

3 / Backed by engineering and construction experience

4 / Allows TC to say “yes” to a new tenant more quickly while already knowing the impact to the building and other tenants

5 / Keeps tenants informed



This solution pays for itself because it gets tenants under construction sooner and provides city approval more quickly. Utility tracking saves a tremendous amount of resources in the tenant coordination department, and at the property level.


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