Does Power Have You Against the Wall? Our Engineers Come to the Rescue
Does Power Have You Against the Wall? Our Engineers Come to the Rescue

Does Power Have You Against the Wall? Our Engineers Come to the Rescue

Posted by Hilmi Tannous on in Engineering

Let’s face it: sometimes, the wall isn’t the most convenient place for an outlet. Never fear, though, electrical engineers to the rescue!  We can put your outlet almost anywhere you want, within reason, of course.

When our clients want power, data, and/or audio visual connections away from the wall in commercial buildings, office areas, schools, labs, stores, nurses stations, and other sites, there are three different types of connection methods; floor boxes, poke-through and power/data poles to which we turn.

Power/Data Pole

This is a steel or aluminum, round or rectangular raceway that allows us to extend power, data, and A/V connections to away-from-the-wall locations within a facility.  It is Ideal for running data and power throughout warehouses, factories, offices, retail stores, and other commercial facilities.  Power/data poles typically come with dual-channel power and data to keep cables separated for organized installation, easy maintenance and to meet code requirements.

Data Pole

Some main characteristics of power/data poles are:

  • It is the least expensive solution
  • No trenching required, runs from the ceiling space above
  • Saves on conduit runs, separate compartments for data and power
  • Can be installed fairly quickly
  • Supported from the floor, does not require support from the ceiling above
  • Can be provided by furniture manufacturers or the electrical contractor
  • Gives the owner a lot of flexibility. It can be purchased with pre-wired receptacles, or with pre-installed Cat5e jacks and/or communications plates or knockouts for direct feeds
  • Accepts special jacks for expanded capabilities as needed
  • Not visually appearing as it interrupts the open office look

Floor Box

The floor box is an electrical outlet box designed specifically to provide outlets from conduits in or under the floor. Floor boxes come with up to 8 compartments that can be used for power or data.

Some main characteristics of floor boxes:

  • More costly than power/data poles
  • Floor cutting and repair is required
  • Limited to a maximum conduit size of 1-1/4”
  • Time consuming installation
  • Location needs to be carefully coordinated as it’s literally cast in concrete
  • Creates a mess because of dust and water
  • Covers come in all kind of shapes and material
  • Floor boxes can be large if you’re bringing a lot of power or data to the location
  • No flexibility once a floor box is installed
  • Looks good and often can’t be noticed unless you look for it.

Whatever method you choose to get your power away from the wall, we’re here to provide heroic service. Contact us to help with your project today.

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