How to Request an Electrical Service
How to Request an Electrical Service

How to Request an Electrical Service

Posted by Kaiden Douglass on in Fundamentals

Requesting an electrical service for a project is a process that can be completed by anyone involved with the project, including architects, engineers, tenants, or property owners.  There are several ways to apply to start an electrical service, including an online form on the energy company‚Äôs website, a phone call to an energy company representative, or paper form faxed to the energy company.  Information on the application process as well as electrical service requirements and customer equipment requirements can be found on most energy companies websites.   Before the application process begins, several important pieces of information about the project are required from both the electrical designer and the owner/tenant.


The following information is required from the owner/tenant:

  1. Date the service is wanted
  2. Billing/mailing information
  3. Federal Tax ID Number
  4. Correct project address
  5. Special equipment included in the project (motors, backup power, etc)

The following information is required from the electrical designer:

  1. Energy company/utility provider for the area the project is located in
  2. Connection type (overhead or underground)
  3. Service voltage
  4. Service size (amperage)
  5. Any specific requirements regarding unusual equipment or processes


The electrical service application is unable to be completed without all of the required information from the owner/tenant and electrical designer.  The process should begin as soon as possible due to long preparation time frames required by the utility company.  Typical time frames can range from 4-8 weeks minimum for residential projects and 10-16 weeks minimum for commercial projects.  Often there is an advance deposit required to being the utility engineering required for the project and design work will not begin until payment is made.  The process of starting an electrical service for a project is easy to complete once all of the required application information has been gathered.  Should you require assistance with an electrical service application, contact TES Engineering.

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